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how detailing can improve your car’s condition

Thomas Triolo

When you first drove out of the dealership with a nice, clean car, whether it was new or used,

you probably didn’t think about how it would look in the future. After all the trips to and from

work with spilled coffee, the kids spilling their snacks and then stepping on them, grinding them

into the carpet, road construction splattering the outside of the car with tar and dirt, and that

unfortunate incident when your dog just couldn’t wait to do their business until you stopped,

your once-shiny car probably isn’t looking too hot anymore. In that case, it’s time for detailing.

how detailing can improve your car’s condition

Detailing itself is a term that encompasses a lot of things. Super Star Car Wash provides auto

interior and exterior detailing services in Arizona at our full-service locations.

Exterior detailing improves the look of the outside of a car. Here are some exterior detailing

services we provide:

Clay treatment: Our skilled auto detailing technicians use detailing clay to remove surface

contaminants on your car’s paint. Surface contaminants can include the aforementioned road

construction tar, pollution from the environment or even bits of brake dust. This will renew

your car’s paint, giving it a better shine and a smooth feel.

Super Nova wax: A spray-on wax treatment is applied to the car after it gets a wash in one of

our conveyor wash tunnels. Wax protects the paint, functioning as a layer over it to resist the

sun’s harsh UV rays and oxidation damage.

Engine cleaning: The top of your car’s engine is cleaned. This will remove the dirt that inevitably

ends up atop your car’s engine in a dusty desert environment, along with fluids that have

leaked out.

Express hand wax: A wax treatment is applied to your car by hand, rather than sprayed on. This

treatment protects your car’s paint for three months.

Carnauba wax: Carnauba wax is a special type of wax derived from Brazilian palm trees.

Stronger than our other wax treatments, this wax will protect your paint for six months.

Rim polish: Your rims take a lot of abuse. Being as close to the road as they are, they get rocks,

brake dust and all manner of dirt thrown on them. A good polish will shine them up again.

Headlight restoration: If you live in Arizona, you’ve probably seen headlights that look yellowed

and fogged over. This is what the sun does to the plastic of a headlight over time. This can

cause reduced visibility from the headlights, limiting how well you can see at night. Our

headlight restoration services will get them rejuvenated and clear again.

Orbital polish: An orbital polish leaves the paint looking shiny. The orbital sander used on the

paint will avoid the swirls caused by more traditional buffers, ensuring that your paint will not

only look shiny, but avoid damage. This also includes the six-month protective carnauba wax


Paint sealant: This gives your paint one year of protection, and it’s safe for clear coats. It

requires less treatment sessions than wax with its long life, which saves you money in the long


Clay Magic: A normal clay treatment is good, but our high-end Clay Magic treatment is meant

to remove stuff that’s REALLY stuck on your paint. Things like residue from bug guts, tree sap

and paint overspray.

Two-step buff & wax: This more thorough buffing and wax treatment can even remove light

scratches and oxidation from your paint. This is a great way to rehab mildly damaged paint

before it gets too far gone to save.

Simoniz Diamond Plate: If you’re looking for extreme protection from the elements for your

car, this is it. Simoniz Diamond Plate provides two years of weather protection. It even protects

against known acidic substances that can damage paint, such as bird droppings and acid rain.

And the key for Arizona: strong protection against sun fading. Think of it like SPF 100+

sunscreen for your car.

Now that we’ve covered our exterior detailing options, you can’t forget your interior. All too

often, a car’s interior can actually be dirtier than the exterior. Take care of it and get your

interior looking its best with these services:

Carpet shampoo: Your carpet looks great after vacuuming, sure, but think about all the dirt

really stuck in it that a surface level vacuum won’t catch. Give it a deep cleaning with our carpet

shampoo service, and you may be pleasantly surprised at just how nice it looks afterward

Seat & upholstery cleaning: Your seats may have all the crumbs gone now, but that stain from

your spilled soda isn’t going to come out without a more thorough cleaning. After you get your

seats and upholstery cleaned, head inside one of our Full Service locations’ convenience stores

for some seat covers. That way once your seats are clean, they’ll stay clean for much longer!

Leather treatment: Leather treatment in Arizona is essential for your car interior. With the dry

and hot climate, your leather seats will dry out and crack over time without conditioning. This

treatment will keep them pliable and give them a longer life.

Super clean: This service cleans the dash, doors and center console. There’s probably a lot of

stuck-on dirt and other gunk that, once removed, will let your interior really shine. You might

see it in a completely new way!

Complete interior detail: Get your dash, doors, console, seats and carpet cleaned. Honestly,

this would be our best deal; you save quite a bit of money getting everything cleaned at once,

instead of breaking it down into individual services. Besides, if you’re going to get your carpet

shampooed, do you really want to leave your seats out? You’re better off making your whole

interior look as close to new as possible.

With all of our different detailing options, you’re sure to find something to get done to your car.

Bring it in to Super Star today to get it looking great again. Your car will thank you when you’re


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