Super Star Careers

A great workplace starts with a great team.

Super Star is more than a car wash—it’s a rewarding and welcoming place to work. We’re looking for more Super Stars to join the team!

Supporting our Dream Team

We create an environment that supports our Super Stars.

Everyone is welcome

At Super Star Car Wash, we understand and appreciate our team members for their individual differences.

Our Culture

For many of our employees, this is their first opportunity to join the workforce. We strive to instill the knowledge and skills that will have a long-lasting, positive impact on our employee’s future by focusing on our Core Values of Integrity and Trust, Accountability, Customer Focus, Results Driven, and Interpersonal Savvy.

Career Advancement

We believe in developing from within our organization and have countless examples of employees who have started in entry level positions and have grown into leadership roles within Super Star Car Wash.

Proud to be Part of the Community

We're More than a Car Wash.

Super Star Car Wash exists not only to offer car washes, but to give back to and impact the communities we serve in a meaningful and lasting way. Learn more about how we’re putting this vision into action.

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