Discounted Wash Plans For Companies

See below the many perks that come along with your Fleet membership.

Fleet Plans

We offer per wash fleet plans, pay-in-advance reloadable plans and fast pass plans similar to our regular Unlimited Plans. Contact our fleet sales manager to find out more!

Company Wash Cards

Company wash cards have a preloaded amount of washes on them and are swiped at the point of sale systems. Once the washes are used, as mentioned above, the card can be refilled at the location the card was purchased from.

Prepaid Washes

Prepaid washes are available to purchase in advance at any amount. After purchase, just pull up to the wash and use either a fleet card, barcode via text message, or our license plate recognition technology. The more washes purchased per year, the lower the pricing becomes. Once all prepaid washes are used, they can be replenished at the location of the original purchase for a card, or any location for the barcodes. We also have options to reload to the original amount of washes purchased once the prepaid washes are used.

Monthly Billing

We offer monthly billing through your company credit card which charges per vehicle for our fleet fast pass service, as well as the reloadable prepaid washes on credit cards and through the barcodes. As many vehicles as you like can be charged to one card. For those on a prepaid basis with more than 25 vehicles, we can do a monthly billing invoice as an alternative option.

These services can be used for Express washes at any of our locations in Arizona or California. Full Service options are also available if you would like that service. To change or cancel your plan, simply contact our fleet sales manager. The more washes or vehicles you pay for, the better your rate; so sign up as many of your company’s vehicles as you’d like today!

Connect With Our Sales Team

Now that we’ve piqued your curiosity on saving time and money with our fleet services, fill out this form to get in touch with our fleet sales manager today!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of pricing do you offer?

Our prices vary depending on your company’s plan purchased and number of vehicles enrolled.

Are all locations eligible for my fleet plan?

You can use your fleet plan at any of our locations.

Can you negotiate or go lower on price?

The more vehicles you enroll with us, the lower your price will be. If you only have 10 vehicles, or only want to buy 10 washes, the pricing is set. However, our quality of wash services beats out the competition.

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