Get More for Your Money at Super Star Car Wash

August 4, 2022

At Super Star Car Wash, we believe in giving you the best value for your money. That’s why our washes include some great extras, no matter which wash package you choose. Here’s what you can expect:

Dash Wipe

All of our Express car washes come with a free dash wipe, which you’ll receive from one of our friendly attendants as you pull into the wash tunnel. Packaged in our special Super Star Car Wash branded wrapping, these wipes are perfect for cleaning your dash. If your dash isn’t dirty, you can even use this as a cleaning wipe around your home!

Microfiber Towels

Super Star Car Wash offers microfiber towels for your use at our vacuum stations. If you want an extra level of detail on drying your car’s body or wiping down your interior, you can use our towels for free to get the job done. Just drop them in the dirty towel bin at the top of the storage shelves when you’re finished!


Gone are the days of scrounging for quarters to pay for vacuuming your interior. Super Star Car Wash offers two vacuum head options: angled and narrow or wide and flat. Whichever works best to clean your carpets and seats, our vacuums will beat whatever dirt you throw at them!

Compressed Air for Tires and Cleaning Your Car

All Super Star Car Wash locations have vacuum stalls with compressed air hoses offering two options: a nozzle for blowing dirt off of areas on or in your car, and a hose to fill your tires with air if they’re low. A gauge is included on the hose as well, so you’ll know exactly when each tire has the perfect amount of pressure. If your tire pressure monitor sensor light is on for low pressure, we can help with that!

Air Freshener

For anyone who chooses the Super Star Car Wash Premium Express package or above, a black ice-scented air freshener in our signature water drop shape is included! Give your car a nice new smell by hanging it from your rearview mirror. Be careful not to put it on your dash or shifter though, as chemical reactions from air fresheners can damage your interior!

A Great Value Wash

No matter which Super Star Car Wash location you go to , we’re here to provide you with the best car wash possible while making your money go far. With all of our inclusive and free extras with our washes, we make it easy to get your car cleaned right. Come see us at your nearest Super Star Car Wash location today!