Keeping Your Car Clean in Monsoon Season

October 13, 2022

Arizona’s deserts are home to a phenomenon known as monsoon season. Monsoon season takes place during the summer from June 15 to September 30, when Arizona experiences heavy rainfall from rain and thunderstorms. The storms form from a combination of heat and moisture in the air, which causes precipitation to form more easily than when the air is dry and cool.

In 2021, Phoenix area had one of the wettest monsoon seasons on record, accumulating 4.2 inches of rain. Precipitation in 2021 totaled 9.15 inches, according to the National Weather Service. This means that the 3 and a half months of monsoon season produced almost half the rainfall of the year.

In addition to bringing rain, Phoenix’s monsoon season can bring with it heavy winds, thunder and lightning. This can cause significant destruction to the areas that it hits, knocking over trees, causing flooding and shutting down power to homes and businesses.

Along with the destruction monsoons can bring, they can make your car incredibly dirty. The combination of blowing rain and dirt covers any car left outside with unsightly spots.

When you consider the unpredictability of when monsoon storms occur, as they can pop up any evening most of the summer, cars parked outside get dirty frequently. What’s a car owner with outdoor parking to do?

Enter Super Star Car Wash’s Unlimited Plans. With one of these wash plans, you can wash your car as often as you’d like for one monthly rate. If you have storms two nights in a row, you can bring your car in both days afterward. Super Star will clean your car up as good as new every time. No need to stress about how much you’re spending when you get more washes either!

With 30 locations around the Phoenix metro area, you can also use your wash plan at any Super Star Car Wash. If a storm blows through while you’re at dinner with a friend across town, you can use the Super Star location near there after you leave and get your car cleaned within minutes.

Get your plan today and treat your car like a star this monsoon season!