Super Star: A Convenient Car Wash Experience

September 8, 2022

In today’s technologically advanced, fast-paced society, convenience is key. For those looking for a quick and high-quality car wash experience, Super Star Car Wash is here to fill the car wash-shaped hole in your life. Here are some ways we give you a convenient car wash experience at any Super Star Car Wash location you visit.

Unlimited Car Wash Plans for Purchase Online

‍We offer any of our amazing Unlimited Plans for both Express and Full Service Washes for sale on our website. For those seeking the ultimate in a quick and thorough wash, Super Star Car Wash has Express Washes to suit a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking for a Basic option to give your car a quick touchup or our Signature Ceramic Sealant Plan to give your ride the ultimate quick cleaning option, Super Star has you covered.

Saving Time and Money With Unlimited Wash Plans

‍Not only are Super Star Car Wash Unlimited Plans conveniently available online, but they save you time and money over paying for car washes individually. When you pay for washes individually, you have to stop, make your payment for the wash, and possibly wait longer in line behind other customers who are paying. With an Unlimited Plan, you get to pull into our Fast Pass lane and drive right into our washes after the gate opens. If there is a line, no one with a Fast Pass has to pay, so it will also move faster than a line full of customers paying for individual washes.

‍Super Star Car Wash Unlimited Plans also save money over paying for individual washes. If you pay for just two washes per month, you’re already paying more than you’d pay for one of our Unlimited Plans. Becoming one of our Unlimited members can save you money over what you’re paying to wash your car already!

License Plate Recognition Technology

Our washes use license plate recognition (LPR) cameras in place of windshield stickers. Because your Unlimited Wash Plan uses your license plate number for identification at Super Star Car Wash, you can start using your plan as soon as you buy it online. There’s no need to flag down an employee and ask them to install a sticker on your windshield anymore!

A Variety of Cleaning and Maintenance Options in One Place

Every Super Star Car Wash location has compressed air for cleaning or drying parts of your vehicle, as well as hoses with gauges to fill your tires with air if they’re low. We also provide free use of our vacuums to get your interior looking as good as new. Microfiber towels are also available to use for free at our vacuum stations to wipe down or dry your interior and exterior.

A Wide Variety of Locations

If you take a vacation from one state to the other or find yourself across town running errands, your Super Star Unlimited Plan is good at any of our locations in any state. No need to pick one location and stick with it!

We’re Here for You

Super Star Car Wash is here to take some of the stress out of life. You’ve got plenty to worry about; don’t let your car wash routine be one of them. With Super Star, you’ll have a partner for car washing in your community, and with our Unlimited Plans, we’re here for you to wash your car seven days a week. Get on one of our Unlimited Plans and let us treat your car like a superstar today!