8 Common Car Wash Myths, Busted

June 27, 2024

After thirty years of washing cars, we’ve heard almost every rumor about the industry. Luckily, all that experience has given us plenty of knowledge when it comes to cleaning your vehicle. Below are 8 car wash myths, busted by the experts at Super Star Car Wash.  


MYTH: An automatic car wash can scratch your paint 

FALSE. Automatic car washes are specifically designed to keep your car clean, safe and scratch-free, which is why we have so many customers trust us with one of their most expensive investments time and again. This pesky rumor likely comes from “old-school” car wash models, which sometimes used rough brushes and harsh chemicals. The modern process at Super Star Car Wash uses a gentle yet effective method to remove dirt and debris and prevent any damage to the vehicle.  


MYTH: Driving a dirty car doesn’t matter 

FALSE: When dirt and grime sit on your car for an extended period, it can eventually damage the paint, causing it to dull much sooner. So whether you have a clunker or a higher end vehicle, we recommend running it through the car wash every week or every other week to keep it in top condition.  


MYTH: Automatic car washes waste a lot of water 

FALSE. Most people don’t realize they can use up to four times as much water trying to wash their car at home versus at a professional car wash. At Super Star Car Wash, we make sure every drop of water is used effectively. Our water quality is also better than the hose most people use at home. That’s because we use reverse osmosis to filter our water and strip it of minerals that could leave spots on your car. We then use the “reject” water to pre-soak the car and the tires at the start of the wash. That way, by the time you get to the spot-free rinse, you’re using the best water (and no water goes to waste).  


MYTH: Waxing your car isn’t necessary  

FALSE: Waxing your car regularly is an essential step in maintaining your vehicle. The wax preserves the clear coat over a vehicle’s paint, which ultimately protects it from corrosive elements like rain, UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, snow and other contaminants. At Super Star Car Wash, we’re proud to offer some of the best products in the industry to give your car the strong protection it deserves. The Carnauba wax we use comes from the leaves of the carnauba tree, found only in Brazil. Super Star Car Wash also uses a higher concentration of product per application than many of our competitors, so your car gets the maximum benefit of this natural protectant.  


MYTH: Use any towel to dry your car 

FALSE: Regular towels are not super absorbent, can leave lint behind, and in worst cases, can even scratch your car’s paint. That’s why, at Super Star Car Wash, we always use microfiber towels. We love the fact that they’re super absorbent, gentle on your car, and do a great job of removing dirt and grime from a variety of external and internal automobile surfaces. We believe in the product so much, we let customers use as many towels as they want for free at our free vacuum stations.  


MYTH: Electric vehicles can’t go through the automatic car wash 

FALSE: It’s completely safe to take your electric vehicle through an automated car wash. In fact, washing your electric or hybrid vehicle is not much different than washing a gasoline or diesel car. The electric system is completely sealed inside the body of the car to prevent water from getting in. Want to learn more? Check out our blog all about electric vehicles and the car wash by clicking here.  


MYTH: All washes are the same 

FALSE: Any time you use our tunnel at Super Star Car Wash, you’re guaranteed to drive off in a clean car. However, not all washes are built the same. Depending on your price point, we have several ways to upgrade your experience, including premium treatments like Carnauba Hot Wax (which repels water and provides UV protection while providing softness and shine) and Ceramic Sealant (which creates a surface that is chemically resistant to environmental acidic elements, etching and staining). Click here to see which car wash works best for you.  


MYTH: Car washes are too expensive 

FALSE: We believe everyone deserves to drive a shiny, clean car, and we’ve built our business around creating affordable membership plans at low monthly costs. The unlimited plans pay for themselves after just two washes, making it a great deal for those who like to keep their car clean all year round. At Super Star Car Wash, we’re always offering great deals on different types of washes. Click here to see current rates.  


We hope this information clears up some of the misinformation surrounding car washes and gives you another reason to stop by your local Super Star Car Wash. Click here to find a location near you.