Preparing Your Car For a Summer Road Trip

July 8, 2022

As summer approaches, kids get out of school on summer break, the weather heats up, and it’s the perfect time to take a road trip vacation. However, throughout the year, your car takes on plenty of wear and tear during regular use for commuting, driving to entertainment venues and running errands. Whether you’re heading for theme parks, the beach or a camping trip to a mountain lake, make sure your car is road trip-ready with these tips:

Check if your oil needs to be changed.

Old oil can reduce a car’s engine life. Make sure your car isn’t due for an oil change, and that you have enough oil in your car. Running out of oil will cause your car’s engine to fail. Super Star’s Quick Lube shops can get you a fresh oil change before heading out on your trip!

Check your tire pressure and wear.

Low tire pressure means your car has to work harder to move, which results in worse gas mileage and increased strain. In addition to the tire pressure, check how worn down the tread is on your tires. If the wear is uneven, and some tires have far less tread than others, bring your car to Super Star’s Quick Lube to get your tires rotated! We can also check your tires for low pressure to ensure your car functions its best.

Clean your car up.

Do you really want to start a road trip in a dirty car? Probably not. Super Star offers Express washes with free vacuums at all of our locations, and our Full Service locations offer Full Service washes with interior cleaning, as well as detailing services.

Load up on supplies.

Select Full Service locations offer gas stations and convenience stores with snacks, air fresheners and any other car accessories you may need. Come on in while getting your car detailed or washed, refill your tank, and once you leave you’ll be ready to hit the road!