How Super Star’s Water is Different From the Hose

December 13, 2022

Super Star’s car washes not only save water over using your hose at home in Arizona and California, but the water is also better for your car. Tap water is normally laden with minerals, and Arizona’s tap water is especially known to be filled with them. You also save water bringing your carto Super Star; washing at home uses four times as much water as a commercial car wash.

These minerals make the water “hard” and can leave water spots. Additionally, they can corrode metal. While rust may not be a concern on a painted car, the hard water spots can damage your paint, with the minerals seeping into pores on the paint job. Without careful removal of these spots, it can even damage the clear coat, exacerbating the sun’s harsh UV ray effects on a car’s paint.

How is Super Star Car Wash Water Different?

So obviously, using your garden hose at home to hand wash your car is risky. However, Super Star’s water is different. Our water is first filtered through a reverse osmosis system, which removes minerals and more than 90% of contaminants from tap water. This process does, however, result in a large amount of “waste water.”

Whether you live in Arizona or California, both states have problems with droughts, and Super Star is conscious of this; therefore, we put our waste water to good use. We make sure not to simply toss out this valuable resource, but to use it in our tire and wheel cleaners, where the hard water won’t cause damage like it will on paint. This ensures that we don’t waste our water while taking good care of your car!

Now that you know not to use the hose at home to wash your car by hand, save yourself the effort and come to your closest Super Star location. Not only will this give your car gentler water for awash, but it saves you time and effort to clean your car yourself!